Environmental Impact

You're most likely here at least partly because you disagree with the amounts of energy consumed and waste produced during the production of fast fashion clothing. Below we'll show you how your purchase makes a difference.


Other than the oil industry, textile production is the most polluting industry on our planet. And accounts for 10% of all global carbon emissions.

Factories are major energy consumers and therefore greenhouse gas emitters. An estimated 80% of the energy used in the fashion industry is used in textile manufacturing. 

Electricity is needed to run machinery such as sewing machines and air pumps in textile factories. Huge amounts of heat is needed for washing, drying and dying the cloth. Most of these factories operate in China which is largely dependent on coal for producing energy. The further costs of transporting the garments produces additional CO2 as the vast majority of garments have travelled by ship. Ships burn bunker fuel which contains 1800 times more sulfur than domestic vehicle fuel, making shipping a significant polluting sector.


If 80% of an item of clothing's carbon emissions are created by its production, you can reduce your own carbon footprint by at least this amount every time you purchase used instead.


Don't worry, it's not all on you! Every part of our process has been planned to ensure we're able to keep our costs down to make sure we can give you the best value.

But we haven't cut any corners or cheaped out where it matters. All of the plastic products we use are 100% recyclable within the UK, and where possible/available also biodegradable.  

We create very little waste through our processes and aim for zero landfill. 

Electricity is one of the biggest and hottest issues at the moment, we chose British Gas as our provider since their electricity production generates 0g/KWh of carbon Emissions, yes ZERO! With 76% coming from renewable sources and the remaining 24% from Nuclear.

The other aspect of our business that is unfortunately out of our control is the supply chain, we work exclusively with Royal Mail who are the greenest option by far out of the available couriers. You can read more about their road to net zero by 2040 below:


If you have any questions or want to know more about how we operate please don't hesitate to get in touch.

A big thankyou to The Conscious Challenge for all their data on fast fashion, for more info and an interesting read, have a look at the link below: