Sizing and Measurements

Every item we list on our website will include measurements we have manually taken whilst photographing and grading the item.

We believe that the best and only way to guarantee something is going to fit you well is if you compare the measurements of our items with the measurements of an item you already own and know fits well. This is because even when only looking at a single brand, the measurements for one size can vary enormously. 

Below we'll show you how we measure our items, so that when you measure your own for comparison, you'll know the measurements will match.

Once you've got your measurements, you can filter your search results by chest and length measurements to only show what's relevant to you.


We include either 2 or 3 measurements for each item, always the chest and length measurements, and the sleeve measurement unless its short sleeved. Below you can see how we take those measurements: 

1. Chest Measurement (Pit to Pit)

2. Length Measurement (Nape to Hem)

3. Sleeve Measurement (Pit to Cuff)



We include 2 measurements for each item, the inside leg (inseam) and the waist measurement. Below you can see how we take those measurements: 


1. Inside Leg (Inseam)

2. Waist Measurement

For the waist measurement, we measure across the waist while the trousers are laid flat, and then double the measurement to calculate the waist. As opposed to trying to measure around the circumference of the waist.



Although we believe you'll have an overall better experience if you shop by measurement, we do also obviously include the size. We will usually list the items size as what the label states, however from time to time items will measure outside of what we would consider normal for the stated size. In this situation we will list the size as what we believe to be most accurate given the measurements. This is also the case for items without a size or missing a size label.