Product Condition

Quality Guarantee

Everything we sell is quality guaranteed, if we've made a mistake or not accurately described the condition of something, we'll make sure the situation is resolved quickly and easily.

We do try and identify every defect, but occasionally things slips through, sadly its going to happen from time to time. If you receive an item that doesn't match your expectations then please do get in touch with us, either via email at or via Instagram at @bundl_clothing.

Please also bear in mind that 99.9% of the items we sell are used items of clothing, you should expect to find some minimal signs of wear/age with everything. If we have identified an exceptional piece, we'll grade it as Mint Condition 10/10. These items should look and feel almost the same as when they were new, there shouldn't be any noticeable signs of wear or age. Please remember these are still used items of clothing, so if you look hard enough you probably will find a loose thread somewhere.

We've made it super easy to only search through the best quality items, ideal as a present or gift. When searching, filter your search by condition and select what you'd like to see. If you're after something that would make a good gift, we'd recommend filtering to only show Excellent and Mint Condition items. This way you'll filter out the items that maybe aren't in their best condition.

Condition Statements

Any defects with the items will always be noted in the description, additionally, everything is graded as per the below guidelines to make it easy to understand the condition.

Mint Condition

These items should not show any obvious signs of wear or age, and be near enough similar to new.

Excellent Condition

These items will usually be in a very similar condition to Mint Condition, but when listing the item we will have spotted something that stops it from making the cut. This is usually just because they show some minimal signs of wear, but could also be due to a very minor or hard to notice defect. 

Good Condition

These items will usually have a slightly more substantial defect that's more obvious to the wearer and others, these defects should be minimal enough that you can go about wearing the item without much concern, for example a small hole in the fabric somewhere or a small stain. Often with a bit of work the stain/mark could be removed with a little effort.

Fair Condition

This is condition that all the other items fall into, and therefore is a bit more broad ranging. We won't list anything that is unusable, but items of this condition are likely going to have more significant defects, whether that be larger rips or stains. These items can often be repaired, upcycled or re-dyed into a perfectly useable item of clothing.