Depop/Ebay Returns

How to return your Depop/Ebay order:

You have 30 days from the date of purchase to get your item back to us.

If there's an issue with your item, or it doesn't match the description or photo's, please send us a message through either the ebay/depop app or via instagram/email, and we'll provide you with a returns label.

Preparing your return

You can return the item in any suitable packaging, we would recommend reusing the packaging the item was sent out in to reduce waste.

When returning the item, you need to make sure you include the packing slip that was sent out with the item(s) in your order. It will look like the image below, and is vital to us being able to refund you. Please also write your username on this slip, without this we won't be able to find your transaction and refund you. If your order consisted of multiple items, please highlight/circle the items you are returning.

If for some reason you have lost the packing slip. Please could you write out the following information on a piece of paper so that we are able to find your order:

  • Depop/Ebay Username
  • Date of Purchase
  • Item Number/SKU (Written on the clear bag and also at the beginning of the item listing)

If we can't find your order due to the missing information, we'll hold onto your item until you get in touch, sadly without the information there is no way of identifying you.

We recommend that you use a delivery service that has an appropriate level of compensation depending on your item. Cost of return delivery is the buyers responsibility, please consider shopping through in the future for free returns with all orders*.

Ebay customers will be generated a returns label when you complete a return request through Ebay app/website. Alternatively we can provide you with a returns label and deduct £3.50 from the refund amount.

When sending back the item, it must be sent back in original condition. Any new defects will incur a charge at our discretion depending on the severity of the defect and the value of the item, we reserve the right to refuse a return if an item is returned in a condition that is unsellable.

Items that are returned outside of the 30 days, but within 60 days will be refunded minus a £10.00 admin fee. Items outside of this window will not be refunded and we will await contact from yourself.

When you return an item, any additional postage charge will not be refunded. For example, if you purchased an item for £30.00 and paid £7.00 for next day delivery, your refund total will be £30.00.

If you receive an item and it has undisclosed damage/wear or in anyway doesn't meet your expectations, please get in touch with us either through Depop, Instagram (@bundl_clothing) or via email (hello@bundlclothing) and include images of the defect with your message. We will work with you to either compensate you for the issue or provide a returns label and full refund.

If the item has some kind of undisclosed dirt/stain/mark on it, we will usually first ask that you give the item a thorough targeted wash first; including rubbing the affected area with some form of targeted cleaner/soap. This is not to evade compensation, however if this works well and the defect is sorted, hopefully you'll be happy to keep the item and we will offer partial refund due to the inconvenience.

For items that have physical damage to them, i.e. rips or tears. Please contact us as above. Depending on the severity of the issue and your personal preference, we will either offer you a compensation amount or provide you with a pre-paid returns label.

International Returns

For Items sent internationally, anywhere outside of the UK. Returns are also accepted within 30 days. Please follow the instructions above on how to prepare your item and ship it to the address below.

When returning an international order, the original postage cost is not refundable. If you placed an order for an item at £29.99, with shipping at £7. You're refund total will be £29.99.

Return Address

Bundl Clothing LTD
Unit 2, 6 Marsh Green Road North